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What Is Vastu



Vastu shastra is a science of the architecture of any structure. It distributes its influence using five natural elements i.e. Vayu, Jala, Prithvi, Akash and Agni. Vastu derives the positive energy from these active natural elements and do improvements that may be causing a great damage to the occupants of the particular place. Vastu brings these energizing elements together, utilizes them for performing resurrection and ultimately revives the positive vibes for storing prosperity and joy.
The awakening of continuous problems i.e. frequent health loss, stress, piling debt and regular quarrels in the house compel us to take the aid of Vastu because it is not a superstitious belief but a fact based on science. Vastu Shastra has certain well-defined rules according to which the negativity prevailing in the building can be transformed into positivity by implementing Vastu rules correctly and carefully.
WoodWorld offers complete Vastu Services based on an ancient methods of for maintaining a dynamic balance between Form and Energy. We work closely with the clients to understand their requirements and provide solutions that best suit their lifestyle, space and budget. WoodWorld aims at creating divine interiors by utilizing latest e-flooring concept, vibrant and subtle light effects in contrast to colors and right placement of furniture to unique interiors as per the requirements
WoodWorld provide holistic services for Vastu Consultation for Residential, Commercial and Industrial institutions. We provide remedies and expert advice to implement Vastu without dismantling in existing building structure.


WoodWorld’s Vastu consultation is available for Positive/Negative energy checking, Aura/Chakra checking and Checking of Geographic stress along with other ares of Vastu.