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Commercial Vaastu



Vastu gives you definite guidelines to plan the layout of your business area. Vastu brings in positive cosmic energy to the site, building, plant etc. thereby resulting in increased wealth and prosperity of the business head as well as the fellow workers.

The guidelines of Vastu enable the connecting of all the positive energies around your business establishment and balancing it with the surrounding negative energies, to your benefit. Businesses and commercial enterprises trust greatly on Vastu consultants for profitable and friendly planning of their offices and buildings. It also balances your emotions and helps in taking rationale and practical decisions, which are the backbone of business management or commercial practices. It also keeps the business in good health and safeguards it against total collapse during adverse conditions. A commercial project is exposed to some specific risks and Vastu tries to protect it from such perils. Vastu definitely, has made gigantic progress in dictating commercial planning and its significance will continue to scale up.


In this area we provide Vastu Advice for:
Industries, Offices, Educational Institutes, Shopping Malls, Commercial Complexes, Multiplexes, Cineplexes, Hospitals, Hotels, Shops & restaurants etc.